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Couple Slashes Electric Bills by 94% with Solar Panels

Tim & Jeanette

Tim and Jeanette are driven by a dual desire to trim expenses and minimize their carbon footprint. Through a financially savvy approach, they installed solar electric panels alongside existing thermal panels, leveraging maximum efficiency to revolutionize their energy consumption.


Faced with rising energy costs and environmental concerns, Tim and Jeanette sought a solution to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources. They aimed to mitigate the financial burden of utility bills while also addressing their ecological footprint.


The family opted for a cost-effective installation of solar electric panels, requiring no initial investment. By positioning them alongside existing thermal panels, they optimized solar production, ensuring maximum efficiency in energy generation.


Significant Savings

Saves the family over $2,400 per year in energy costs

Drastic Reduction In Usage

Reduces home electricity usage by 94%

Cost-Effective Installation

$0 down and no out-of-pocket expenses

Optimal Solar Placement

Installed adjacent to existing thermal panels for maximum solar production

Environment Impact

Will reduce CO2 emissions by over 6 tons annually, equivalent to eliminating 16,000 miles of driving.

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