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At Construct Sun, our work doesn't start and end with solar installation. Instead, we will assist you with every step of the process. We will guide you through installation and maintenance, from finding the proper financial aid for your system. But most importantly, our team is committed to providing you with the proper training and education to understand the in-outs, all the details and how to take advantage of your new Solar Energy System.

Experience The Solar Advantage

Thousands of people are starting to realize the endless potential of solar power. It is safe and helpful for the environment and remarkably economical. Our innovative system, in addition to reducing the expensive costs of the monthly electric bills, allows you to invest in your and your family’s future. You own the sources that generate your electricity instead of paying to receive electricity—making this a permanent asset to your home, business or unit.

We aim to make all the opportunities that solar energy offers available and help our customers design a better, brighter, and more comfortable future.
Residential Solar Panels
Take control of your energy use with Construct Sun’s Solar Power Solutions

Our solar installation services

We provide simple and affordable ways to get the most out of solar technology - whether in a residential, or commercial setting.

We aim to make all the opportunities that solar energy offers available to help our customers design a better, brighter, and more comfortable future.
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Residential Solar

Residential solar panels deliver clean, efficient energy, ensuring significant savings while shielding you from the impact of recent rate hikes. Embrace a smarter, sustainable way to power your home.

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Commercial Solar

Increase revenue when you cut expensive energy costs with solar solutions. Running a business can mean spending a lot on power, but with solar energy, you no longer have to.

Save money with Construct Sun!

Benefits of using Solar Energy for Homes and Businesses

Solar energy is the future. It is abundant, sustainable, and cost-efficient. This is why solar technology continues to grow rapidly worldwide, improving lives and businesses no matter where they are.

Protect Against Current Rate Hikes (Fixed Monthly Payments)

Avoid electric rate fluctuations and increases with your solar energy system.

Utility rates are constantly rising, not just because of how much you use but also because it is getting more expensive to produce and manage with the rising demand.

With solar energy, you protect yourself from these demands and diminishing supply by getting your energy directly from the sun.

Reduce Monthly Electric Bill (No down payment)

Solar energy is a long-term and low-risk investment. Although a solar energy system may cost more initially, you reap significant savings in the succeeding years after paying off the system by enjoying the benefits of solar power for free.

Own vs Rent (Equity/ Payoff date- Eliminate the Monthly Bill)

A solar customer’s electric bill gets credited via the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for any excess energy they send back to the grid. Therefore, with solar energy, you get financial credit for any excess energy they contribute to their utility.

Increase Home Value Since Day One (Utility -Liability/ Home improvement Asset)

Solar panels increase the value of your home because it helps reduce energy consumption. In addition, the most recent data shows that solar-powered homes sell 20% more quickly than non-solar homes because solar panels increase a home’s desirability to potential purchasers.

Why Choose Construct Sun as your Solar Installer?

Entrusting your solar panel installation to the right provider makes a huge difference. Reclaim control over energy costs with the most trusted solar panel provider in Nevada and North Carolina.

A strategic partner

Every employee at Construct Sun is passionate about helping our customers be power independent with our quality products and services. We are proud to go above and beyond for our customers to create an enduring relationship.

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We do not promise what we cannot deliver. Construct Sun is proven to provide excellent solar solutions and quality customer service to fit our customers' needs and expectations.

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From planning the timeline to executing the project, we keep you updated every step of the way. You can depend on our seasoned team of solar educators to meet your expectations and provide you with an excellent solar solution tailored to your needs.

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At the core of Construct Sun is a team of solar energy experts who advocate for clean, renewable energy. We thrive in providing quality solar solutions to residents and establishments who look for a better way to solve energy-related financial and environmental concerns.

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We care about our customers' experience, so we make it a point to be accessible and always within reach to anyone who needs our service and attention.

We are available to service residents and business owners within Nevada, North Carolina, and neighboring states. Our responsive team is also available for inquiries via phone, email, or our website.

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