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Comprehensive Home Solar System Support

We believe solar should be affordable for everyone. Get instant approval with no money down with a qualified credit score.

Utility rate increases are unpredictable, and they’re only expected to get worse. When you replace utility power with solar power, you take control of your costs with a predictable, locked-in rate.

The more your utility increases its rates, the greater the benefit you can see from solar.

You still receive a bill from the utility when you have solar because you remain connected to the grid. Even in months where your solar system provides all of the electricity you need, you can expect to pay standard utility connection fees.

Being connected to the grid is a good thing. It allows you to have power when you are producing less than you need, like on a cloudy day, during the winter or when you’re running your air conditioning. It also allows you to take advantage of net metering so your solar power never goes to waste.

When you sign up for a free quote, our in-house Solar educators will work with you to determine how much you can expect to save on your monthly energy bill. This relies on factors like your utility, how much electricity you use and how much sunlight your home gets. We’ll only recommend solar if it’s the right fit for your home energy needs and profile.

After solar panels are installed in your home you begin producing power. Any excess power your home doesn’t use will be sent back to your utility company. Your electric meter will run backwards. You will feed excess energy to the utility company during the day and then receive it back during the nighttime, at no cost.

Construct Sun passes on all the manufacturer’s warranties to the consumer and/or third-party insurer. Construct Sun offers a 10 years workmanship warranty on all installations.  Construct Sun also offers Solar Insure, third-party insurance for a small additional fee. Solar Insure provides a 30 years warranty on all major components and roof penetrations, giving you complete peace of mind knowing all major components of your system are covered for 30 years.

Our Monitoring Team keeps an eye on all Construct Suns systems on a daily basis, monitoring the productivity of each solar system so you don’t have to. If something goes wrong with your system, we will be notified and will contact you as soon as possible to rectify it.

No need to worry. A roof penetration warranty is included in your Solar contract, which covers your roof against leaks caused by solar installation penetrations. Not all solar firms, like us, provide this.

The federal solar tax credit gives you a dollar-for-dollar reduction against your federal income tax. The 30% tax credit applies as long as the home solar system is installed by December 31, 2032.

To claim the Federal Tax credit, you will fill out form 5695 here.


  1. On line 1, fill in the cost of your system as it is listed on your final invoice
  2. Fill in lines 5 and 6. Line 6 line should enter 30% of the system cost you entered on line 1.
  3. Fill in any other parts of the form if you have additional residential energy credits for which to apply.
  4. Fill in line 16 only if you do not have the tax liability to use the entire credit this year and want some to roll over to next year.
  5. File this form with your federal taxes.
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