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Nevada Homeowner's Path to Financial Stability through Solar Power

Theodore M.

Theodore is a homeowner in Nevada who is now geared towards putting a stop to high electric bills. With an interest in exploring solar panel options, he seeks a solution to reduce his electricity expenses and achieve greater financial stability.


Monthly Expenditure


Annual Bill


Theodore recognized how escalating electric bills can increase his current monthly expenditure of $183.

Over the next 25 years, he anticipates a significant increase in utility costs, projecting an annual bill of $5,862.

This financial burden prompts him to seek alternatives to mitigate expenses and secure his financial future.


Construct Sun offers a solution through solar panel installation. By investing just $150 upfront, Theodore can significantly reduce his monthly electric bill to $17, with an average cost per solar kWh at $0.146. This switch to solar not only guarantees substantial savings but also provides a fixed monthly payment, shielding Theodore from electric rate hikes and offering ownership of his electricity.


Substantial Savings

Switching to solar will result in savings of $56,657 over 25 years compared to staying with electric.

Fixed Monthly Payment

With solar panel installation, Theodore will benefit from a fixed monthly payment, protecting him from electric rate hikes.

Energy Independence

By embracing solar energy, Theodore can achieve energy independence and reduce his reliance on traditional utility companies.

Increased Home Value

Switching to solar can increase the value of Theodore's home without any out-of-pocket expenses, transforming his utility bill from a liability to a home improvement asset.

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