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Residential Solar Panel Installation in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you’re a homeowner in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you’re looking for a wise investment for your home, solar panel installation is the answer. It’s an asset that will offer your family many benefits, primarily saving money on your energy bills.

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Best Residential Solar Company in Raleigh, NC

We’re recognized as the best residential solar company in Raleigh, NC, for our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We have earned not only this reputation but, most importantly, the trust of the homeowners of Raleigh. Making us the go-to choice for homeowners in the area who want to go solar.

Powering Your Home with Solar Panel Solutions in Raleigh

At Construct Sun, we’re passionate about helping homeowners in Raleigh power their homes with solar panel solutions. Our team of solar experts is committed to offering you a customized solar solution that satisfies your particular needs that will help achieve each of your objectives.

Our solar panel products are built to be dependable, effective, and economical. To ensure that your solar energy system is built to last, we only employ the best products and latest technologies.

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Take control of your energy bills and go solar! Request a free quote for residential panel installation today.

How our Residential Solar Solution in Raleigh, NC Helps

At Construct Sun, our residential solar solutions in Raleigh are designed to help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your energy independence. We’re committed to helping homeowners in Raleigh experience the many benefits of solar energy.

Benefits of our Residential Solar Panel Systems in Raleigh, North Carolina

Our residential solar panel systems at Construct Sun in Raleigh, North Carolina, provide homeowners with a number of benefits. Just a few of these benefits are as follows:

Reduced Energy Costs

Your monthly energy costs could be substantially reduced or possibly eliminated with the installation of solar panels on your home. Solar power is a sustainable energy source that you may use to run your house for many years while saving money on utility bills.

Increased Home Value

Homes with solar panel installations have a higher value than those without. You may raise the value of your property and possibly see a larger return on your investment if you ever decide to sell it by investing in a solar panel system.

Energy Independence

With a solar panel system installed in your home, you can take control of your energy future and become more energy independent. Instead of relying on the grid for your energy needs, you can generate your own clean energy and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.


Our residential solar panel systems can be customized to fit your unique energy needs and the specific requirements of your home.

Stop paying for expensive electricity and start producing your own power with residential solar. Request an estimate from North Carolina’s leading installer today!

How Much Does Solar Cost in Raleigh?

Each residential solar project is unique so the cost will vary depending on a number of factors. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation and quote to learn more about how we can help you save money with solar energy in Raleigh.

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Why Pick Construct Sun as Your Solar Installer in North Carolina?

We are known as the best Solar Company in Raleigh, NC, for many reasons. These reasons should be enough to convince you to let us help you make the switch to solar energy today.


Designing, installing, and maintaining solar panel systems for residential homes in Raleigh is an expertise that our team of knowledgeable experts provide. We use the latest technology and best practices to ensure that your solar panel system is reliable, efficient, and built to last.

High-Quality Products

We use only the highest-quality solar panel products on the market, so you can be sure that your system will produce clean, reliable energy for years to come. Our products are backed by manufacturer warranties and our own Ironclad 30-Year Warranty, so you can trust that you're getting the best value for your investment.

Customizable Solutions

At Construct Sun, we know that every home is unique. That's why we offer customizable solar panel solutions that are tailored to your specific energy needs. We'll work with you to design a system that fits your energy goals and the specific requirements of your property.

Excellent Customer Service

At each stage of the solar panel installation process, we take great pride in offering amazing customer service. Our team is dedicated to making sure you are happy with your solar panel system, from the initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and support.

Other Solar Products We Offer in Raleigh, NC

Although residential solar panels in Raleigh are our primary service, we also specialize in agricultural solar panels and commercial solar panels. Click the buttons below to learn more about the other services we offer in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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What Our Clients Say


What is the process for installing solar for residential property in Raleigh?

Construct Sun applies a thorough procedure to guarantee the success of your residential solar panel installation in Raleigh. The typical steps involved in the process are Consultation, Site Assessment, Design and Proposal, Permits and Approvals, Installation, Inspection, Activation, then Maintenance. 

This may sound a lot, but at Construct Sun, we’re committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free solar panel installation process for our residential customers in Raleigh. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you switch to solar energy.

How long does residential solar panel installation in Raleigh take to complete?

The length of time it takes to install a residential solar panel system in Raleigh depends on several factors, such as the size of the system, the complexity of the installation, and the availability of permits. A typical residential installation could take between one and three days to finish. Installations that are more difficult, however, may take longer.

Our team will be able to provide you with a more precise estimate of the installation timetable based on the demands of your particular project once you have made an appointment with us.

How much energy can I expect to generate with my residential solar system in Raleigh?

The quantity of power your residential solar system in Raleigh can produce is influenced by a number of elements, including the system’s size, the roof’s orientation and tilt, and the amount of sunlight your area receives.

Will Solar Panels affect my home's aesthetic in Raleigh?

Construct Sun is aware of how significant your home’s beauty is to you. Because of this, we make a great effort to make sure that your solar panel installation blends in with the style of your house.

We offer a variety of solar panel options that are designed to blend seamlessly with your roof’s existing material and color. 

Additionally, we can work with you to design a solar panel system that is customized to your property’s unique needs, ensuring that the panels are placed in a way that is both functional and visually appealing.

Are there any maintenance requirements for Residential Solar Panel Installation in Raleigh?

Yes, there are some maintenance requirements for residential solar panel installations in Raleigh, but they are relatively minimal. Our team will make sure to discuss this with you upon completion of installation. 

You can always reach out to us for any questions regarding maintenance and whatever it is that concerns your solar panel installation in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Is Residential Solar Panel Installation in North Carolina eligible for any incentives or tax credits?

Yes, there are several incentives and tax credits available for residential solar panel installation in North Carolina. 

The 30% federal solar tax credit is made accessible to all taxpayers in North Carolina. Homeowners in NC can also take advantage of net metering, state-wide property tax reductions, and financing options for renewable energy.

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