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Family Powers Home and Car with 100% Solar Energy

Lisa & Steve

Meet Lisa and Steve, a family who decided to take control of their energy future. Already intrigued by the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy, they found themselves increasingly frustrated with rising utility rates and their dependence on PG&E. Determined to find a solution, Lisa and Steve opted to install solar panels in their home.


Lisa and Steve were frustrated with rising utility rates and increased electricity bills due to charging their electric vehicle (EV). They felt a lack of control over their energy costs and sought a solution to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources.


The family opted to install solar panels on their home to generate their own electricity. This move not only shielded them from fluctuating utility rates but also allowed them to power both their home and car with clean, renewable energy. Charging the car during off-peak hours further maximized their savings.


Annual Savings

Over $4,300 in electric bills

Financial Protection

Shields from utility rate increases and peak rates

Energy Usage

Powers both home and electric vehicle

Environment Impact

Reduces CO2 emissions by 7 tons annually, equivalent to eliminating over 17,235 miles of driving each year

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