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Vallejo Resident's Aim for Sustainable Energy Solutions

David P.

David is residing in Vallejo, CA, faces high utility bills and seeks a more cost-effective and sustainable energy solution. With the potential to transition to solar power, he explores options to reduce expenses and increase the value of his property.


Utility Bill


David is burdened by a substantial utility bill of $524, with escalating costs per kWh.

This financial strain prompts him to seek alternatives to mitigate expenses and secure his financial future. Without a sustainable energy solution, David faces the prospect of continued high utility costs and limited control over his energy expenditure.


The proposed solution for David is to transition to solar power, offering a more affordable and sustainable energy source. By switching to solar, David can significantly reduce his utility bill to just $182, with a solar payment of $195 per month. Flexible payment terms and available incentives make the transition to solar even more accessible for David.


Substantial Savings

Transitioning to solar power could lead to savings of $122,495 over the next 25 years compared to traditional electric power.

Increased Home Value

The estimated value added to David's home by switching to solar is $35,317, reflecting the growing preference for solar-powered homes among buyers.

Total Cost Comparison

Staying with electric power for the next 25 years could cost David $261,951, whereas switching to solar may only cost $139,457. This highlights the significant financial benefits of transitioning to solar.

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