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Agricultural Solar Panel Installation in   Reno, Nevada

Growing crops isn’t the only thing the sun is good for. With the help of our industry-leading solar panels here at Construct Sun, you can harness the power of the sun on your agricultural property and earn more as you save more.

Industry-Leading Agricultural Solar Panel Installer in Reno, Nevada

Don’t let skyrocketing electricity bills affect your business’ profit. Get your very own agricultural solar power system with Construct Sun, Reno Nevada’s industry-leading agricultural solar panel installer.

Reliable Agricultural Solar Panel Products in Reno, Nevada

Your farm and business deserve only the best solar panel products for better productivity and revenue. Construct Sun helps farmers and agricultural businesses yield better crops and revenue with the most durable, latest solar technology.

How does our Agricultural Solar Solution Helps?

Power your farm with the sun.

Solar panels are not just beneficial to homes or commercial buildings. They are also practical and reliable sources of electricity in agricultural sites where spaces are wide and too remote to have reliable access to electricity grids.

To overcome power shortages, expensive diesel fuels, and even droughts, agricultural solar panels are what you need.
Let us put together an agricultural solar solution for your farm in Reno, Nevada. Talk to our expert now at Construct Sun.

Benefits of Agricultural Solar Panel to your Farm in Reno, Nevada

Enjoy the many benefits of agricultural solar panel systems for your farm.

Helps solve drought issues

Water irrigation systems need electricity as much as it needs water. Unfortunately, electricity grids can be unreliable, especially in far-flung areas, and diesel fuel for generators can cost a lot of money. Agricultural solar panels are the most cost-efficient solution to fight the drought and keep the soil and crops hydrated.

Better for the soil and the environment

Unlike other energy sources, solar panels — from their installation to their operations — pose no threat to the soil and the environment. They take up very little space and give more shade to the ground so they hold more water.

Cheaper than fossil fuels

Now labeled as the “cheapest source of energy,” solar power continues to give hope to farmers and business owners who are looking to cut costs on utilities and have more money to use for operations.

Does not produce greenhouse gas emissions

With agricultural solar panels, your pockets aren’t the only things benefiting but the whole planet as well. Compared to fossil fuels, solar power is clean and renewable. Since they do not contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions during operations, agricultural solar panels can help prevent climate change and create a better and cleaner place for future generations

Agricultural solar panels cost in Reno, Nevada

The cost for agricultural solar panel system installation varies depending on your property size, installation, and maintenance needs. Contact us to understand your solar power needs and how much it costs to get an agricultural solar panel in Reno, Nevada.

Why Choose Construct Sun for your Agriculture Solar Energy Systems in Reno, Nevada?

Switch to a cleaner, more reliable power source for your farm.

Construct Sun is your most-trusted agricultural solar energy solutions provider. We are dedicated to helping farmers and business owners save more money while saving the earth with the use of the largest and most efficient energy source on the planet.

Custom Solar Panel Systems Designed For Your Farm

Every farm or agricultural site has different needs, priorities, and budget. Here at Construct Sun, we help you identify your needs and goals so we can customize a solar panel system design for you.

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Full, Personalized Assistance

Many farmers and business owners do not know where to start, but our team here at Construct Sun will be with you all throughout the process when you choose to switch to solar power with us. We offer quick responses and personalized assistance from start to finish for a more pleasant experience.

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Cut Costs

Farms can use massive amounts of fuel to power their operations. Fortunately, with solar power, this doesn’t have to be. Construct Sun makes cheaper, more affordable power accessible to farms so farmers can gain more control over their finances. By becoming more independent from the main electric grid and diesel fuel, you are able to cut operational costs and have more room for other important matters with the extra money that could have gone to utility bills.

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Yield Better Crops With An Expert Team

We have worked with many farmers and have helped them yield better results after switching to solar panel systems. Working with a group of experts matters especially when you want the best for your farm or agricultural site. Our expert solar advisors here at Construct Sun will help you go through your concerns and help you throughout the entire installation process from visiting the site to installing the solar panels, and maintaining them regularly.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about agricultural solar panels and how they can benefit your farms:

Can you put solar panels on agricultural land?

Yes! You can put solar panels on agricultural land. In fact, it is recommended for farms and agricultural sites to install solar panels to reduce electricity costs and yield better crops while protecting the environment.

How does solar energy help agriculture?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, which means it is reliable because it never runs out and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this, farms can yield better crops at less cost and less water usage.
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