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California Family Enhances Energy Security with Solar and Battery Storage

Solters Family

The Solters family, having enjoyed the benefits of their 7.5 kW solar system for two years, sought to enhance their energy resilience amid increasing grid outages caused by wildfires in California. With a desire to regain control over their energy usage, they embarked on a journey to fortify their home with a Battery Energy Storage System.


As wildfires ravaged California, grid outages became a recurring challenge for the Solter family, threatening their access to essential electricity. Feeling vulnerable to these disruptions and the unpredictable utility rate hikes, they sought a solution to ensure uninterrupted power supply and financial stability.


To combat the threat of blackouts and regain control over their energy usage, the Solter family decided to augment their existing solar system with a Battery Energy Storage System. This strategic investment allowed them to store excess solar energy for nighttime use, offset peak utility rates, and power their home autonomously during grid outages.


Annual Savings

Saves over $2,700 annually in electric bills

Financial Protection

Shields from rate hikes and peak rates

Energy Usage

Offsets 45% of energy usage

Environment Impact

Reduces CO2 emissions by 7 tons yearly, equal to eliminating over 16,700 miles of driving.

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